Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Announcing 5x3: Five Schools in Three Years!

Preparing the Kololo school site.

Today construction concludes on Tesfa’s eighth school, in the village of Kololo in southern Ethiopia. Many people came together to make our eighth school a reality. An empty plot of land was transformed into a beautiful school in just a few months. Our Tesfa team, while working in Kololo, noticed a few things: the people are welcoming and warm, that the landscape is dramatic and beautiful, and that there is a dire need for education in all the nearby villages.

Now, the Tesfa Foundation is excited to announce its newest initiative, 5x3! Five
schools built in three years in the Kembata Tembaro region.

Imagine clusters of villages in which no school is available. Through the 5X3 initiative, we propose to offer five new schools in the region, linked with effective new teacher recruitment and training, linked with deep rural literacy programming to reach even further into the countryside, using our new schools as bases. Moreover, we propose that these schools will provide bases for regional public health education efforts. Schools are more than schools in rural Ethiopia; they are platforms for community development.

Interested? Building new schools requires strong communities. We are currently recruiting for five funding communities to support five schools. Please click here  to let us know that you would like to help build schools in Ethiopia or click here to simply make a donation now. 

Completed Kololo school and library.

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